Alcatraz - The "Big House"
The Waterfront Condo's for the Bad Guys

    It has not been open for business since the 60's but remains a part of our history.  It's residence were some of the most famous, not so nice characters in American History.  One of the most famous, Al Capone was a member of this country club of criminals for quite some time.  If you are in the area, the trip takes about 3 hours to see, including the boat ride.  I highly recommend it.

A Public Service Announcement

Welcome Aboard
View From The Walkway

The Tower

The Gallery
Crowd Control & Motivational Aids
The Dining Room - Most Dangerous Place for the Guards

Individual Condos

Nap Time

Shit Out of Luck


View from "The Rock"

    The inmates here had a good view of what they were missing.  The night life was visible from the island.  Most of the guests in this hotel on the water were extended stay types, and hard core folk from other institutions.  Few managed to escape, and of those who made it off "The Rock", nobody knows if they survived long enough to get ashore on the mainland.
    The short film and the audio tour is a very worthwhile uses of your time.  The film gives a great history of the island.  The audio tour leads you step by step through the facility and provides a constant flow of interesting information.