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     Welcome to the Airplane Driver's Network.  This site addresses high performance aircraft.  Jet Training material, like a study guides  biz jets are found here.  The informaiton contained herein may be quite handy if you are getting a Type Rating, or checking out as copilot on a number of turbojet aircraft.  We cover the Astra Jet, Lear, Citation, Westwind, Hawker, Jetstar, Falcon, Gulfstream, aircraft.  Others will be added as they are completed.   Our site is Pilot & operator oriented, providing technical and operational data for high performance aircraft.  Study Guides for most of the popular business jets are provided.  We supply informative documents regarding jet systems and terminology.  These guides are a must for the current or up and coming pilot.
     I have been told that the price of membership for this site is way too cheap for what you get.  My hope is that nobody who needs this information will be denied because they can't afford to pay.  I paid for my own training, so I understand.  I would like user input as to the scope and quality of the study guides and articles on the Airplane Driver website.  This input is of great help in improving this, or any other training product.

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