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Astra Jet picture
Citation 500/550 picture
Falcon 20 picture
Falcon 2000 picture
Falcon 50 picture
Gazelle SA-341G picture
Gulfstream II picture
Gulfstream II-B picture
Gulfstream III / AC picture
Gulfstream III / DC picture
Gulfstream IV picture
Hawker-1a picture
Hawker-700 picture
Hawker-800 picture
Jet Commander picture
Lear 23
Lear 24/25 picture
Lear 28 picture
Lear 55 picture
Lear Jet 35/36 picture
Lockheed F-104 picture
Lockheed Jetstar picture
Twin Commanche
Westwind 1124 picture
Cockpit Resource Management
Dangerous Approach
Jet Performance
Jet Systems Glossary
Physics of Flight
The Iceman Cometh

These publications are intended to provide an overview of the aircraft systems and operating parameters that are general in nature.  The only source for this kind of informaton when it pretains to the safety of flight is the current FAA approved Airpalne Flight Manual.  The AFM is the publication to believe where any discrepancy exists.

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