Lear 55 Doors

Main Cabin Entry Door
     Like all Lear Jet cabin door systems, open the upper door first, then the lower one.  Do not stand on the lower door when opening it from inside the cabin, as you may tumble out onto the ground. 
When closing the doors, the lower first, then the upper.

Upper Door Release
This releases the latch that keeps the upper door from falling on your head from time to time.

Emergency Exit / Baggage Access
Don't forget to use the cover to protect the lower portion of the door seal when loading or unloading the bags through this door.  This door does not have the latching system to keep it open like the main cabin door.  It can fall on your head if it is real windy, or you do not open it all the way.

Emergency Exit Closed
     This is the preferred position for flight.  It makes the cabin much quieter, less windy, and makes it much easier to pressurize the aircraft.  Makes a world of difference.

Aft Baggage Compartment
     It only holds 45 pounds, but the space is valuable, especially to separate your bags from those of the passengers.  It is not pressurized or heated. 

Tailcone Compartment

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